I am an artist, writer & graphic designer. I am also a tech enthusiast. I like to educate with tutorials, entertain with my art, and inform with reviews.

Bexva™ is my creator-owned comic and will be released once per year (totally fits into your budget, right?) with a goal of being released quarterly in the future. Bexva is the story of a creative entity come to life. This creation is sexless, with a male appearance in it's current iteration. He will come to learn of his abilities and expand upon them in time. The story begins with Bexva finally arriving in the realm of imagination and exploring the Vastland™ as well as the other creations that inhabit it, such as Grator™, Archivellion™, and Kaskit™. Bexva's abilities allow him to shape-shift, color change like a chameleon and the hovering shield on his back can be used to transform incoming objects into other matter or banishing them to oblivion. That's not all the shield can do; it contains more secrets that Bexva has not yet discovered. His concentration-based design is his weakness. Paying attention to what he learns and retaining it can mean life or death. Can he focus when it's needed the most to succeed? Or will he lose critical abilities by negatively feeding thoughts that consume him and ultimately lead to his downfall?

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