Bexva™ promotional banner
Bexva™ promotional banner.

Bexva™ is a story about one permanently masked entity that is trying to decipher what its role is in the crazy world he's been tossed into. Beginning in an enclosure called the Pipevines™, he finds his way out using the vines as transportation that takes him to different parts of the Vastland™. A being of great capability, Bexva must learn those abilities incrementally as he explores not only his surroundings but the very concept of himself/itself and the greater enemies that will come to be his focus. He is capable of shapeshifting, transmutation, scalable strength and defense, and multi-dimensional matter/antimatter manipulation. Too bad he doesn't know any of that yet ...

The Vastland is a place many creatures & creations call home. In a land where earth's physics no longer apply, laws exist only amongst a few, and the only limits to your abilities are your imagination, will Bexva be able to seek out the meaning behind his existence or any reason to the madness? Follow Bexva as he pursues the trail of evidence as to why he was placed in the Vastland and the impact he has on others while in his pursuit for answers to what appears to be a plan in motion in which he has no say. 

Bexva™ is the Hero within us all™ and at the heart of an intimate, intense unfolding of truths, and must find why he's come to the Vastland™, what his purpose is and why it/he's needed in the land. Bexva sets out on an adventure that entails fighting otherworldly beasts, beautiful assassins, creatures of cirque that master bringing life to magic & learning more of his abilities as he furthers his journey, evolving.

Abilities: Shapeshifting, iridescence, transmutation, scalable strength and defense, multi-dimensional matter/antimatter manipulation.
Shield: Able to expel living & inanimate objects into oblivion or convert them to other forms of matter.

Bexva™ pinup available for order.


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