Power Girl - Tanya Spears Part 01 - Late Night Drawing for Fun

I posted a previous video of Power Girl on my YouTube page and wasn't too happy about it. Even though it was an hour long almost, it felt rushed because I just dallied around too much for the first half an hour. This one is coming along much better and even if I have to make it multiple parts, the goal here is to draw and have fun, not draw and rush, so it's better to do it this way, I think.

Tanya Spears is a teenager with a genius-level intellect. The former Power Girl (a Supergirl from an alternate universe) gave her some abilities before she went back home. I don't know everything there is to know about the new Power Girl, but I have just about caught up on the DC Rebirth Deathstroke series (ending my collection at issue 21) and since her appearance in these issues, she's been a real cool character. She has a lot of heart to go with that smart brain of hers and after reading about her in Deathstroke, I now want to know more about her.

This suit of hers will have roughly the same design she has in her own book and other appearances, but this is actually the "Dark Titans" or "Defiance" suit. So it'll be black and white instead of blue and white. I might get around to coloring it later too if I like how the drawing comes out. Maybe make it a print along with the Ninja Turtles and Cyclops pieces.

Catch you at part 2 ...


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