Bexva™ Comic Book Process Update Nov 24 2017 done in Clip Studio Paint EX/Manga Studio 5 EX

Here is another look at my Bexva™ comic book as I'm laying down the flats. This is just another process update, but I decided to do a video on it this time and I intend to do more. Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment as there's no need to sign in to comment.

As the first issue of Bexva nears completion, I'm going to do more of these updates to let people in on my process. I'm talking about various little things here as I flat (flatting is a coloring process where you lay down flat colors - no highlights, no shadows - underneath the line work). I'll try to get as many of these out as I can leading up to the published comic :)

Bexva™ & © Kenn O'Neal 2017



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