Bexva™ Process Update March 2018 - Looking for colorist help in trade for my pencilling ability

Bexva™ interior page that's all but finished. The text needs some retouching, especially on the sound effects.

The colors part of this whole process has been a crazy thing ... Took me months of trying to get a look that I see in my head down skill-wise and I still haven't been able to master what I really want from it. The color scheme itself bugged me to no end, as I wanted something that looked otherworldly, but then was advised by a knowledgable friend that if people can tell just by looking at it that it's not normal, it's not earth, then it gives them the implication that they don't need to think it's earth and that's enough for now because my future issues won't look the same anyway. I'll always find better ways to improve. In the meantime, what do people have to read about my comic? What have I turned out? Just pick some color scheme, get it done. That was great advice, and I think I overplayed it in my head as I just don't have the skill or the time to continue to tinker around  and cram out in a heartbeat what will come in the future automatically.

I think that the pride (along with wanting to keep the issues in the future self-reliant so I'm not waiting on the work of others) was something that I really was looking forward to. Achieving the compilation of the whole toolbox though, and by that I mean writing, pencilling, inking, flatting, coloring and lettering, was a giant leap of an undertaking. I even kept track of my time and was able to come to a realization of how long it takes me to do the work. Well, now that I have the coloring down that is. It's a 3 month cycle for me, including interruptions and household duties for a decent-sized property that I live on where I'm doing several things in trade.

My point is, when anything beyond that gets tossed into the pile - Dr. visits, etc., the time span grows, and grows. So while that time frame may be based on if I were able to do a page a day, then move on to everything else including coloring which I can do at a rate of roughly 2 a day (maybe more in the future depending on how well my color skills grow) ... Then there's the fact that I'm not actually getting paid to do this yet. So I can't sit at a desk for 8-10hrs a day and only do my comic Bexva™. Long story short, I'm realizing that it's becoming painfully obvious that I can't really do this by myself. Not that that's entirely a bad thing.

Honestly, now that I'm weighing the options to bring someone else on board to help with the coloring, the turn around rate of my comic may become more of a reality. I have other projects that I've stopped on entirely, like a children's book and a novel that currently sits at 45,000 words, just to put the time that I do get for hobbies on Bexva. So with help, I may be able to make this a regular thing and turn these out quarterly (every 3 months) or at least twice a year. We'll see what the future holds for those plans.

For the time being, I'm going to keep pressing forward and coloring it myself until I can find someone to help me complete the ground zero issue and then move on to the next (which is already written). I'm going to be looking for someone that can help with flats & coloring in barter with my digital pencils & or inks for their book cover or pinup work. It's open for options depending on what the other person needs as well. I just can't do interior pencils (unless it was something perhaps more simple than how I draw Bexva) because that would take up the same amount of time I could put towards my comic and then I'd be right back around to where I'm at now. Who knows though, I'm faster at pencilling and would be able to turn that around quicker than doing the other. So I guess it just depends on the barter deal. We'll see how it goes and I'll update as soon as I can with more of the comic and hopefully the new colorist in the future.


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