Bexva™ Image Edit for Merchandise

Bexva™ Image Edit for Merchandise

In this video I'm taking an image that had an issue
appearing on certain colors of merchandise, like dark grays, black, and editing
it to fix the glow of the Oblivion shield. I had previously thought I'd fixed
this issue, but on my online store (that you can find under the
"Stores" link at, the image was coming up as
either missing part of the glow, or showing as a weird straight line.

This was a shorter video, as I'd done most of the editing in
a previous step where I had to move the image in the background to a layer
below, so that I can turn it off or on when needed. The main reason for doing
that is so that I can save the image as a .PNG file, which allows me to drop
out the background entirely (that's why you see all those gray and white
squares when I turn off the black, white, and gray fill layers in the video.

Now that a little background on the video it clear, let's
get to what the video's about:
I first took a soft eraser and tried to blend what remained
of the glow (the glow exists on two layers in this image - one white, one
purple) and blend it down to the point where I could build it back up in a more
controlled way. Being as this will be going on products, the goal is to remove
the hard edged glow, and soften that without hitting the edge of the
canvas/artboard while softening it. Because that'll just give it yet another
hard edge that'll just be a little farther out, resulting in the same problem,
just a little larger.

After I fixed the two layers, I then had to check the
results against the background layers of white, black, and gray. I was then
confident that the problem has been fixed. I also show a little bit of what it
looks like to have the uncorrected line on some of the colors that it shows on
in one of my online stores. 

The new image has since been uploaded and looks
great! Follow the links at to find the stores tab and shop
for my flagship character Bexva as well as some of my various other artwork such as the Boxy Tiger, and Owlgirl. Go
take a look! :)


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