Wolverine Colored in Clip Studio 5 on Wacom Cintiq 27QHD - Part 2 of 3

I continue with coloring Wolverine here and fight my way through the color process which I still struggle with a bit. In the 3rd part, I remove the blue line under-drawing and tell (not show, unfortunately - maybe in a later video I'll explore that) how I did it.

I started this Wolverine traditionally, using coffee (mmm, coffee ...) for the brown and yellow/tan areas, then took it into Clip Studio 5 to finish off the rest of the colors. That's where this video starts essentially.

There will be 1 more part I'll be adding in this set showing how I'm still getting the learning curve of approaching color and also the method in which I apply the process and learn as I go. I struggle with some things here and there, but ultimately I hope this helps anyone that may feel that they'd like to do similar work.

I noticed when playing the first part back on YouTube that the audio is quite low ... Unfortunately this 3-part video is going to be like that as I recorded them all in succession, but I'll try to talk louder/have the microphone closer to me in the future.

The original 11x17 piece may be available for sale if you contact me with a comment here or send a message to my Patreon in the link above or Twitter account: @KennONeal


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