Wolverine Colored in Clip Studio Paint 5 on Wacom Cintiq 27QHD - Part 3 ...

I finish this Wolverine piece here. I had to take the original scan into Photoshop CS6 to remove the blue lines because they got in the way. There were no tutorials on how to do that when the image has color for Clip Studio Paint, so I had to go to Photoshop for that under: "image/adjustments/replace color..." Then just changing the settings until I watch the blue lines disappear. This may be a lot more difficult if your image actually has blue color in it! But for this, it worked fine because Wolverine has a lot of brown and I hadn't yet laid the blue hue for his hair traditionally, choosing to finish that part of digital.

I started this Wolverine traditionally, using coffee (mmm, coffee ...) for the brown and yellow/tan areas, then took it into Clip Studio 5 to finish off the rest of the colors. That's where this video starts essentially.

This is the last part in this set showing how I'm still getting the learning curve of approaching color and also the method in which I apply the process and learn as I go. I struggle with some things here and there, but ultimately I hope this helps anyone that may feel that they'd like to do similar work.

I noticed when playing the first part back on YouTube that the audio is quite low ... Unfortunately this 3-part video is going to be like that as I recorded them all in succession, but I'll try to talk louder/have the microphone closer to me in the future.


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